Why put in your own Back Up Generator?

Well, Murray McLeod owner of Fork Torque Australia has plenty of reasons.

Fork Torque is a well-known company operating with all the Major Forklift companies in Australia.

Supplying everything from Forklift attachments, Flame Proofing of forklifts and any type of engineering or modifications that a client may require.

This can only take place while his factory has electricity.

The same is said for his own home.

The recent Fires in Victoria and N.S.W and the summer months in Melbourne have brought along with the lots of power outage’s, this has put untold stress on his business not knowing when those outage’s might occur.

So, Murray with the assistance of AGG installed both a 165Kva Backup Generator for his factory and to keep his family happy and cool at home he installed a 33Kva Generator for back up supply at his home.

The AGG 165Kva Generator at Fork Torques factory enables the whole workshop to continue to operate fully while others in his street sit around idle with nothing to do apart from enjoying the sunshine, meaning less profits and loss of production.

The Generator from AGG will operate only when the power from the mains happens to drop out and the transfer switch will signal to the generator to start up and take over all the power for his factory and office staff.

The Generator has 28 hours of running time so if that power does not come back on quickly, he can keep operating as normal for a full day night and afternoon.

AGG has a full range of Back up and Rental spec Generator to suit all applications.

Engines range from Yanmar, Cummins, Scania, MTU, and Mitsubishi

His home Generator is there to keep the most important person happy, Murray’s Wife.

Happy Wife happy life as the saying goes.

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